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Nationally award-winning author Alice Inoue inspires purpose and mindful focus to life and work. She is Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert on creating meaningful and joyful existence, and has helped thousands of organizations and individuals. Her insights and wisdom are also featured in her two columns published in Hawaii’s only statewide daily newspaper and newspaper that is delivered to every Oahu home. She is the founder of Happiness U, a school in Honolulu devoted to personal transformation. Her next book, Master Your Superpowers is scheduled for release in March 2018. View all of her books on sale.

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Life Guidance

Navigating life isn’t easy. Guidance with Alice brings clarity, inspiration and new insight to the journey. Her private, confidential life coaching will help you in any aspect of your life where you need support.

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Astrological Consultations

Discover more about yourself, your strengths, life themes and timing opportunities with an astrological forecast with Alice that brings thousands of clients back every year for their yearly update.

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Empowered Employers

Workplaces are thriving with custom programs that include executive coaching, positive mindset seminars and inspired presentations designed to increase productivity and bottom-line results.

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I just received my taped reading. I have had readings before BUT never ever have I had one with information to the exact detail like the one you did. I was so were absolutely on the mark of what is “me”. I really want to thank you for this wonderful interpretation of my chart. I really, really loved it.

Having my astrology reading every year has been great, I am looking forward every January to do it, because it gives me a better perspective on what my year is going to be.

I always love my sessions with Alice. I gain insightful feedback on the year's themes which give me a positive way to view the year. It's not just the practical information that keeps me coming back to Alice. It is her encouraging and supportive energy.

There is a lot of information to take in at one time, so I love that Alice is diligent about recording the session. Another big plus is the energy calendar. I refer to it throughout the year, and it helps remind me that the bumpy periods do not last forever.

Alice - you are totally the best! I’m seeing two psychiatrists and nothing comes close to the good advice you gave me when I saw you. I walked out of your office a hundred times more confident and slept well that night knowing that there's an end in sight for all of the junk going on in my life.

Your reading turned out to be a total transformation for me. I just wanted you to know how powerful your gifts are.

I wanted say thank you for the most wonderful reading. I walked out of your office in awe. You don't know how much I valued hearing someone else validate what I have been thinking or feeling. I know I am on the right track.