Destination Happiness

Here is a must-have guidebook for anyone who is looking for clear direction on how to enjoy a happier life. Filled with fresh insights, exercises, real-life stories, and useful tools, this book will change your perspective so that happiness can be your constant companion. Destination Happiness weaves together multiple modalities that address happiness in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. You will gain insight into universal laws and astrological cycles, see failure and loss in a new light, and learn how to let go of regret, guilt, and self-judgments using easy-to-follow methods. Learn how to avoid distractions, say No, accept your body, and be your most authentic self. Most important, you will discover ways of tuning into your heart and spirit, where you will find the ultimate connection to your happiness. This book is direct, practical, engaging, and filled with inspiration. You really can live each day happier than the last!

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