Master Your Superpowers



Alice Inoue has done it again—created a new system from an ancient framework to offer you personal guidance on how to deal with life like the Superhero you have within you—in command of your life and more confident every step of the way. Take the exclusive Archetype Quiz to discover your Superhero and your Integrated Archetype to reveal your natural elemental nature. Who are you? Calm Connector? Masterful Ally? Efficient Producer? Or another of the twenty Integrated Archetypes?

What is your purpose? What are your weaknesses and how do you bolster them? And your superpowers—discover how to identify them and use them. Master Your Superpowers is designed to help you wake up your inner superpowers so you can make the very most of your journey through life.

AUTHOR: Nationally award-wining author Alice Inoue, Hawaii’s expert on happiness and positivity, founded Happiness U, a school in Honolulu devoted to personal growth and transformation. Her Integrated Archetype is the Intuitive Luminary.

ILLUSTRATOR: Jason Suapaia, who has enjoyed an award-winning career in video production, digital media, and advertising, has been sketching Superheroes since the age of ten. He is the Caring Perfectionist.

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