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NOTE: Alice is not taking new clients at this time, and all one-on-one sessions are currently wait-listed for possibly three months. If you are interested in seeing Alice for any of her personal services, please contact Erin at as a “Squeeze-me-in” option may be available (additional $250).  

Astrology is an incredible tool that can be used to get valuable and insightful information about ourselves, and our lives. It is an incredibly accurate way to gain deeper insight about personal themes, cycles of change, challenge and opportunity. The energies at the moment of your birth (based on planetary positions) are unique to only you and is like your thumbprint. From the time, day and location of your birth we can create a “birth chart” get a lot of information that’s very specific to you

We can also use the current planetary positions to get an understanding as to what’s going on in your life. When might you move, have special opportunities, be extra busy, change directions, need more time alone, be “lucky,” redefine your career, restructure a relationship…it all shows up! Using the analogy of a double-decker bus with you in the driver’s seat, you are in full control of the direction you are going, but you only see the road from a certain perspective. Astrology is just a way to get onto the top level of the bus for a further view down the road – a tool to help navigate the terrain of your life and get a “higher perspective.” 


(Allow 90 minutes)

Your first time seeing Alice for an astrology session falls under this category, even if you have had your chart done by others in the past. Your time together includes the following: Delineation of your natal chart identifying your strengths, archetypes, potentials, gifts, unique signatures, as well as anything interesting or helpful to you. A 30-year “history” scan, pointing out years of major life changes to verify your birth time is accurate and understand how you respond to life changes. The majority of time is then spent on your forecast (transits, progressions and Solar Arcs) for the upcoming months (one year and beyond) addressing focal areas of your life.

A color-coded, easy to understand proprietary hand drawn “time line” of your cycles is given for you to refer to through the upcoming year. The initial reading closes with a “Solar Return” chart reading. (See description below.) Session is recorded as a courtesy.

FEE: $500 + GET

Please email us at with the Subject “Initial Reading” to book your appointment.


(Allow 30 minutes)

From newborn babies to teenagers, parents (or the children themselves) can get insight into their temperament, personality, and natural tendencies. Information is given as to the best way to support the child as they mature. Depending on their age and intent for the session, forecasting can be done to see what to expect on their road to becoming an adult. Session is recorded as a courtesy.

FEE: One child: $150 Two children: $250 Three children: $350

Please email us at with the Subject “Child Reading”, and let us know how many children will be attending in your email to book your appointment.


(Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour)

After the Initial Reading, come back within a year to look at the upcoming year and get a new timeline of cycles in the form of Alice’s hand-drawn “Energy Calendar.” Session is recorded as a courtesy.

FEE: $270.00 + GET

Please email us at with the Subject “Follow Up Reading” to book your appointment.


(60 minutes)

The Solar Return reading is for existing clients only. It is a forecast from birthday to birthday and can bring great awareness to the areas of your life that are important to focus on for the upcoming year. The Solar Return is a great predictor of psychological changes and internal growth, where as the follow-up reading is more focused on external events and timing. The Solar Return session works hand-in-hand with the “Energy Calendar” you get from your annual sessions, so it is preferable that you have an active energy calendar (meaning you must have had an initial astrology session or a follow-up session with Alice within the last year) to do this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Solar Return reading does not replace the annual session where you receive your energy calendar for the year. The Solar Return offers life direction and further insight, but offers no timing of events like the energy calendar does. Bring the energy calendar you received at your most recent session with you to review and build upon the year.

*Alice does not keep copies of your energy calendar. Your session is recorded as a courtesy.

FEE: $250.00 + GET

Please email us at with the Subject “Solar Return” to book your appointment.

Do I get a written report with the session?

There is no written report as the information you get is words and explanation of the energies during your session. You do get a digital recording of our session as a courtesy.

What if I live in a different country and can’t do a phone reading, is there another way?

You can request a recorded reading which means that I talk through your entire reading and have it recorded. When you get the recording, you just play it and follow along and the recording guides you through it. We also offer Zoom meetings.

How long are your sessions?

Whether by phone or in person, the first time we meet for the “Initial Reading” allow about 90 mins depending on how much information there is to share. The follow up sessions are one hour.

I don’t know if I should come for an Astrology or a Life Guide session – how do I decide what is right?

If you have things going on that you don’t understand, feelings that you have, situations around you that are happening that you need clarity on, or if you are feeling stuck, or feeling anything out of the ordinary at all, then the Astrology would be a good place to start. We can get the “bigger picture” of everything that is going on in your life and you will gain great insight.

If you have something going on in your life that you specifically want to work on to move to a better place, then you would choose the Life Guide. Here we work on specifics — you know where you are and where you want to go — getting over the loss of a parent, working past your fears of starting your own business, desiring to manifest something into your life, or wanting to forgive and release resentment for someone in your life, how to break up with someone graciously, understanding your own spirituality, etc. 

By doing an astrology reading, am I going against God or my faith?

Alice: “People who have grown up in, or are a part of an organized religion are told by the heads of the church that people like me that “tell your future” are of the devil, and that it is a sin to do this, etc. My observation is that this is done in order to maintain control over the person and the church goers as they want them to believe that the only way to know your life and have peace/love or forgiveness is through the church. It is a way of maintaining control.

In actuality, the three wise men who found baby Jesus were astrologers as they followed the pattern of the stars to the birth location. Remember the story? Even in the Dead Sea scrolls that were found, there were many books that were written as part of the bible all about astrology and how there are clues to human life within these patterns and cycles. These books were taken out before the Bible was put out to the people (so as to not give the people access to power that may take them away from needing the church).

There are numerous references to Astrology and the use of Astrology in the bible. If the Creator did in fact make the “heavens and the earth”, and if he did create it in such perfection that we could use the energies of the planets to find insight and direction, help our lives, and understand this path we have chosen, how could that be wrong?

That said, just to clarify, I am by no means a “fortune teller”. I will not tell you what to do in your life or what to choose, what to believe or what your future will be. What I do is give you a heads up of the bigger picture of your life and help you come to an understanding so that you can live your life with more clarity and understanding.”

What do I need to book an Astrology reading?

At the time you book your appointment, we will need your birthday, birth location, and birth time. This is very important, as an incorrect birth time will give inaccurate information. The birth time is located on your birth certificate.  The birth time needs to be as exact as possible to maximize the accuracy and amount of information given.

If you don’t have it, you can order a copy at (for all 50 states) which takes several weeks. Or, you can get a copy sooner if you currently live on Oahu and were born in Hawaii. Go to for information on ordering a certificate, or you may be able to physically go to the Department of Health at 1250 Punchbowl Street, Room 103, on the corner of South Beretania Street to pick one up right away. They are open Monday through Friday, however, we suggest contacting them for their current hours and process. There is a small fee to get a copy of the birth certificate through these two venues.

How come my birth certificate doesn’t have my birth time on it?

Sometimes when we reorder our birth certificate over the years for certification purposes, the duplicate copy will not include the time. Many clients say that when they order the certificate again for the purpose of Astrology, they request the “full version” or specifically say they want the birth time and then they will get it. 

How exact does my time need to be?

The birth time needs to be exact as possible to maximize the accuracy and amount of information given. If the birth time is estimated, we will need to know that at the time you book your appointment, and will take that into consideration. 

Can you still do the reading without a birth time?

Some clients were born in countries where birth time was not recorded and parents do not remember. Yes the reading can be done, and it will still be accurate, however, you will only be able to receive half the information I usually can find with the full birth information. 
It will still be enlightening and you will gain valuable insight as there are definitely cycles in your life that show up that can be beneficial for you to know.  If it is not to be ever possible to get your birth time, then we will have to go with this.  However, it is worth it to postpone the reading until you can get your birth time if you are able to order it on line.

Do you do readings by phone?

Yes, readings are currently done by phone or on Zoom with audio and video. Once the appointment is set, you will receive a confirmation with all the details, including the phone number to call or the Zoom link for the meeting. If you opt for a phone reading, we will email your chart a day or so prior. All you have to do is either print out the chart(s) we will use, or be at your computer during the sessions. For Zoom readings, you will be emailed the charts within a few days after your appointment. The session is recorded, and you will also receive the backup recording by email.