Just Ask Alice!

Are there things in life you’ve wondered about but didn’t know who to ask? Do you question how the bigger picture of life works? Are you open to fresh guidance on ways to navigate life’s daily challenges? If so, this is the book for you. Just Ask Alice! is a collection of questions from seekers of a new perspective on life. Alice’s answers give clarity to a variety of frequently asked questions on life and living.
 Part I: Guidance on Life answers general questions on life purpose, religion vs. spirituality, astrology, feng shui, time acceleration, the 11:11 phenomenon, 2012, and more.
 Part II: Guidance on Living answers reader’s personal questions on procrastination, saying no, finding love, making choices, understanding dreams, and more.
Alice answers questions with her unique brand of empowering, heart-centered guidance, which is based on her knowledge of astrology and feng shui, as well as her understanding of universal law, metaphysics, and spirituality.

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